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SpaceX Starlink Unboxing! Starlink Post #2

A quick post today: The SpaceX Starlink hardware arrived at Animal Care Clinic, so I'll unbox it with you here. Exciting ... ! The Package The packaging is simple and very .. well ... SpaceX. It's a grey monolithic box with just the SpaceX and Starlink logos and an outline of the satellite receiver dish. The package measures about 82x66x23 cm (32x26x9 in) and weighs a little over 13kg (30lbs). And yes - it really did ship from SpaceX in Hawthorne California! Unboxing! Enough preamble - let's get to it! There is surprisingly little in the box. On top are the "detailed" instructions (you'll get the joke in a sec), and then the 4 (really - only 4) components, and the wiring that connects the components. Instructions These are the largest, simplest instructions I have ever seen. They are the size of the box (almost 3'x2'!) and yet contain only 3 steps in only pictures (like Ikea, but without the little people ... and confusion). Starlink Instructions 1) Go

SpaceX Starlink is Coming to Animal Care Clinic Brampton! Starlink Post #1

I am really excited! Animal Care Clinic was just invited to join Starlink's "Better Than Nothing Beta" program. In this post, I'll tell you about why I'm excited and we'll explore what Starlink is and how it works.  When the hardware arrives, I'll post about the unboxing, installation and impressions. Stay tuned for those. You can also watch my YouTube videos on this as well (the link is at the bottom). Why Am I so Excited About Starlink? Simple: Animal Care Clinic switched our practice management software to the cloud a year ago. This is cutting-edge for veterinary clinics (I know: the cloud isn't exactly cutting-edge, but our software tends to dismally behind the times...) which allows us to provide more integrated care for your pets. However, this means we need rock-solid internet. We have a reasonable high-speed connection, but it's a little flaky - it tends to be more unstable than we would like (we lose connectivity for 5 - 30 minutes semi-re