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Why Rabies Vaccination is a Whole Other ... Animal

I just read about a pet cat in BC that was euthanized after it was found playing with a bat.  The bat was caught, euthanized and sent for testing. It came back positive for rabies. The cat was not up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and the owners could not afford to board the cat for the 90 day quarantine that was required*. That only left government-mandated euthanasia - the government has no flexibility with these rules.  This is really sad - they had kids which makes this suck that much more - and illustrates one of the reasons why I encourage vaccination, including rabies vaccination. I won’t get into the over-vaccination debate here, as rabies vaccination is a whole other ... well ... animal. * This can be expensive: $40-$50 per day is not uncommon, so quarantine could have cost the owner $4,000 or more What Is Rabies? Rabies is a virus that is passed in the saliva of infected animals and enters the blood of its victim via any route it can (e.g. through a bite wound or mucous membr