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Getting Tutored on Spays and Neuters

I had a comment come in through Google asking about the cost of spay/neuter at our clinic. A great question that is often followed by another great question, "what is the difference  between a spay and neuter?" Fear not! I will sort it out right here, right now. Note : At the end of this blog, we'll discuss cost and the differences in what's included between veterinary clinics (hint: price is not everything when it comes to surgery on your pet ). All About Spays and Neuters Overview Spays and neuters are sterilization  procedures. When we speak of animals, sterilization does not mean that we're cleaning them really well, but rather that we are removing their ability to have babies.  There are a few ways this can done (for example, surgically or with drugs), however spay  and neuter  have specific meanings, as well as additional benefits beyond preventing unwanted puppies and kittens. What are Spays and Neuters? Spays and neuters are surgical procedures that remov

What the Heck are Anal Glands?

 This topic stinks! 💩 But it's a good thing for dog owners to know about. What Are Anal Glands? Anal glands are located near the rectum and add scent markings to feces. Now doesn't that make you want to learn more?  😜 Where Are They? Anal glands (also called anal sacs) are small sacs just inside the rectum of dogs. There are two of them at around the 4 and 8 o'clock positions (one on the right side; one on the left side). Each sac has a single small opening just inside the anus.  What Do They Do? Inside the anal gland, dogs produce anal gland secretions. The secretions are stored in the glands and released when a dog defecates (poops). (Hope you're not eating dinner while you read this  🍽️ ) That Stinks! Yes! Because it's supposed to! Anal gland secretions are the consistency of ketchup, typically light brown in colour, and have a very  distinct smell... That's really unpleasant! ...Which is the point: Anal gland secretions are used as a "calling card&qu