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Why Brush Your Pet's Teeth?

 Pets Have Teeth Too! Brushing your pet's teeth is something I really believe in - I can usually tell whether an owner brushes their pet's teeth regularly - it makes that much of a difference. And you can bet your pet feels the difference (imagine not brushing your teeth for a few days ... a few weeks ... a few years  ... you get the idea).  What a Healthy and Unhealthy Mouth Looks Like The difference between healthy and unhealthy teeth and gums is easy to spot! This is something you can do at home easily. Just "flip a lip" and have a look! Healthy Teeth and Gums Healthy gums are pale pink, nearly flush with the teeth (they don't protrude out from the teeth) and aren't painful when touched. Healthy teeth are a bright white, solidly rooted and not cracked, chipped or broken. Note: Some pets have areas of pigment on their gums (often black vs. pale pink); this is not a problem 😅 Unhealthy Teeth and Gums Unhealthy gums are dark pink to red and can be swollen. Th